Monster House Press (est. 2010) is a nonprofit publisher & circuit of literature, art, & thought in the Midwest. We exist in print & online, as well as in the corporeal world via the organization of readings, events, & tours which intend to connect via an intentional being-with through the container of literature & art. We publish work that fuses, deconstructs, grafts, (re)imagines, connects, & disentangles the myths, customs, language, narratives, ideologies, apparatuses, & presuppositions of the contemporary milieu & moment. Emergent voices & writers make home & collaborate alongside established ones in books that illuminate the quotidian to raise it up into an eternal. We publish constantly evolving, challenging, accessible, multi-faceted & pertinent books + texts. We wish to graft a new world with what is most monstrous & necessary to continue. We live in Bloomington, Indiana.

“For Monster House Press, “book” is both a noun and a verb — they make books and book events. Informed by the aesthetic of the overshare and the DIY show…self-described ‘amorphous collective.'” - Columbus Alive



MHP, Box 1548
Bloomington, IN / 47402

(812) 727-0311


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