At MHP we are interested in archival, & public/communal ownership of materiality. As such, we present to you our brief & ever-expanding manifestation of such conviction—the MHP PDF LIBRARY.  If you'd like to add your book, chapbook, zine, et al. to this library, simply email it to us at—

If a book, chapbook, or etc. we publish goes out of print (which may happen for a myriad of reasons) we transfer it's copyright to the public domain & make it accessible here to download for free. We are always looking to archive out of print & small-runbooks, chapbooks, & zines, so as to preserve & retain what was ephemeral print object.



Assuming Size — Jordan Castro, Ryan J. Eilbeck, James Payne, Richard Wehrenberg, Jr.

think tank for human beings in general — Jordan Castro & Richard Wehrenberg, Jr.

Disappearing Farmer’s Tan Ryan J. Eilbeck

Tout À Coup Danielle Gagliano

Austerity Pleasures — James Payne

Mysterium Tremendum Wendy Lee Spacek

thinking of everything — Ryan Starinsky


Deadpan Alex Mussawir


Party Life Aaron Miller


The Stuff of Song Ryan J. Eilbeck, Paul Baribeau, Kari Jorgensen, Andy Gardner, Spoonboy, Bella Bravo, Ginger Alford, Steve Ciolek, & Richard Wehrenberg, Jr.