A Collection Of Future Pop Lyrics For When Healthy Relationship Dynamics Become Mainstream
Erin Elizabeth Wehrenberg


I realize when I am bringing past pain to our present situation and am willing to check myself.
I respect the decisions you make.
I understand that my ego wants to make every decision you make as a proving to me about me but it’s actually always about you and where you’re at.
I trust that even when I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, I will communicate openly with you in order to make things work.
If things don’t work out, I know it just wasn’t meant to be and I didn’t fail and do not need “revenge.”
We both like each other but we’re not in healthy enough places to be together so we’ll stop seeing each other for now.
I won’t make conversations that are about ways in which you have felt unheard about o give myself validation.
As your romantic partner, it is not my personal responsibility to take care of basic things in your life.
I only want to have sex with you if it’s consensual.
How much sex you want to (not) have doesn’t determine your worth as a person or as my romantic partner.
Any romantic partners you had before or after me has nothing to do with me and doesn’t change or take away what we had with each other.
Expressing feelings is a great opportunity for us to get more clear about our relationship together­­—NOT to start fights that are rooted in control.
I don’t want to be mean to each other—­­even if we are teasing or joking.
If our time together ends or we want to be something for each other that is different than what we are now, it’s okay.
No matter what happens between us, I will be okay.
I love me the most, and you are not bothered by this.