Am I A Humanitarian?
Glenn Cox


I am on the top level and closest seat to the very front of a Megabus.

My eyes are fixed on an Indiana highway.

My friend is talking about Jimmy Carter and maybe I’m high.

Jimmy Carter started out as a farmer and became the 39th president of the United States of America.

Jimmy Carter is a humanitarian but has an arrogant streak.

Do I have an arrogant streak?

Lately I have been googling What is the time in Moscow? 5 to 9 times a day on my phone. I like to think about myself walking around a strange city where there is no possibility that a single person would know who I am.

Jimmy Carter had humble beginnings.

I think about my mother texting my brother Fuck you on Mother’s Day.

When I was teenager I would walk around the Virgin Megastore and go to each listening station and put on the headphones and listen to the 30-second sample of each song. There were several Top 40 stations as well as world music, country, classical and others that I can’t remember.

I go to the stations now but they are all around me.
Each one is a bird song.
It is a poem.
It is a person crying because their lover wants to leave them.
It is a stranger whispering they love you.
It is a relative telling you they are going to die.

Jimmy Carter lives in the town he grew up.
I would not like to live where I grew up.
I would not like to die there either.
However, I would not particularity like to die in any city.