Brat Daze
Bree Jo'ann

A huge spider crawled out of my bed this morning.
Maybe I’ll die in a few days or weeks or months
but definitely in some years.
It seems like everyone is carrying huge cups
of soda, the kind you get from gas stations
and I don’t know how to feel,
it might be a conspiracy.
I sit at the food co-op, drinking coffee
and listening to ASMR videos.
The Kardashian game on my phone
is pressuring me toward empty validation.
Eventually I’ll walk to the antique store across the street.
I’ve seen it many times, but I’ve never been there.
My friend bought used Christmas cards from there
to make into art projects.
I’ve learned to like looking at things
without wanting them in my life
to clog my drawers and make me trip.
My life lulls God into a tingly haze.