Four Poems
Yuna Winter



short story called ‘the transformation’
about a person who worries a lot about their life
the bureaucracies of the world
the futility of goals
the anxiety about people/communication/self worth who worries all day
most of the story is about the worries
and then one night they lie down in bed
and go to sleep thinking about the worries
and when they wake up
they are a tiny bug
with a hard shell
and several legs
covered with small hairs and feelers
and they crawl out of bed toward the wall to the crack in the window
and down onto the ground
in the end escaping into the grass
i promise this could be a garden

i found a dead body in the zen garden
there is a picture i have hiding inside of some piece of mixture
of metal and plastic
of a body
resting on the moss underneath a tree in a zen garden
a dead body
i think it was dead i think it was a body
i took a picture
because i had never seen the ashes of someone before
because the zen garden was beautiful
help i’ve fallen and i’m getting up
to take the bleach out of a public pool
and replace the chlorine with plants
lotuses water lilies cat tails bull rushes
open the fucking windows
let some fresh air inside
let some jasmine vines take root
at the bottom of the curling staircase
up to the water slide
cover the ground in bark
fallen logs wet leaves
let mold fill lacelike
into damp wooded places
let mushrooms like oysters
find a dead space to make fruit from and soon it will become soil again
soon the spiders will return
flies, worms, mosquitoes
birds will come back
to build nests again
in those dead mangled branches
we call industrially treated cedar rafters and it won’t be long
before moss
waiting in the air as dust
settles soft
where the dew settles
those cracks in tiles
those places of hard to reach quiet
and you know the ferns will follow the moss because they are old friends, the oldest
because moss loves fern
moss whispers to fern
it is okay, we are safe here, please be with me now and suddenly they are
and suddenly the sunlight in the pool will turn green and soft into sugar
bringing frogs
bringing tadpoles
bringing snakes
and when the body of a fallen tree is placed
back into the water
its bones will become shelter for small fish
its roots will become a home
its dead branches will become green
we will fill the bottom of this lake we have made with rocks of all sizes
because this water will not stay dead
because this is the closest we will get
to whatever atonement means
to plant seeds
to let things grow
and take comfort
they will bring us fruit

yuna winter works on a small farm full of different kinds of vegetables and fruits while also making visual and textural expressions of articulated feelings and emotions, some call this art. find on the internet @yunawinter in many places.