i’m sorry you don’t like my bed
alex mussawir

from MHPQ1

While you were sleeping I walked outside in the snow until small pieces of ice formed around my facial hair

I brushed the pieces of ice out with a tiny comb and assembled them into a miniature ice sculpture for you to have

I moved the dead house plant out of my bedroom and watered the still-alive house plant

I set it on my nightstand so you would have something nice to look at when you woke up

I hope you liked it

After you left I gave myself a haircut and accidentally clogged the drain in the bathroom sink a little

I flipped my bed over so you wouldn’t see the holes in my mattress and now there are small pieces of bedding covering the floor

After you left I drank coffee and watched the snow fall from my bedroom window

I was aware that if I sat still for long enough my thoughts and emotions would change and I would no longer miss you

If I sit still for long enough, I thought, and then the thought stopped