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SE Waters


When we first kissed, I was a piano bench you couldn’t quite fit on, not for all the words arrhythmic and stuttering.

Afterward, I became the landmass of the Grand Canyon at midnight with a mule gripping my teeth.

The men are interchangeable as tiles on the bathroom floor. Leave them broken until she slices into the pad of a left foot.

You want to relate to her carbon imprint from three falls ago, when there was a rash of hair around her crown, the snaggle-toothed invitation, a horse braying to wake you.

You want to photocopy and wheat-paste a name no longer used by anyone to address no one in particular onto an alley.

She ushers the same image of him of her hauling their same tired image into a ravine.

In the near-close future, to approximate happiness.

There are only three men ever:

one says you lack vision

one says he has a vision

one says you are the vision

one man

said three.



This poem appears in SE Waters' debut chapbook, They Offer A Name & Take It From You.