Morgan Eldridge


there is a string around her ankle
hanging from tree limb
it’s cruel, you see, to place her in a dress
walk slowly so the gaze can fall in just
that particular way
the coffee pours over the rim
when too much water has been added
your reflexes are not awake
stare at the grounds staining
nightmares are consistently men
in any state of being
i perceive them as such
say once to man in my dreams (not of)
if you hang upside down
you will see colors are different
the wind helps the honey pour over your scalp
i will hold your tongue if you let me
pinch it between fingers
almost all domesticated rabbits
are unable to burrow
people have become accustomed to cut their nails
in a way that does not harm human skin
what is it to be stripped of home
defense as an ingrown clump of hardened dead particles
wake up with scratches on arms because a recurring face
is appearing again—and i know when waking that my body remembers
i am sorry i colored a black circle in the middle
of that dress you bought for me
thought you said it was mine