Six Poems
Kelly Schirmann


Modern human existence means
refining your shittiness
into a more marketable shittiness
There is no money in this
or any endeavor
True uselessness
is like eucalyptus
Pretty soon everyone
will know it’s invasive
Eating foods with interesting names
only changes the aesthetic
of your refrigerator
The fish was a Chinook
Several internet articles will confirm
that these exist
Wanting to be of service
is also a kind of service
A hole in the ground
filled with Neil Young songs
Tiny yellow flowers
on the sloped lawns
of the mind
No one expects you
not to self-define
by negation
I literally went to her
in 2010, in the evening
I’m not going to tell you
what true money means
Gazing & gazing
at an enormous
& necessary machine
Missing the ghosts of yourself
Is missing the child
who still recognizes them
If you eat the seashell
& you are still hungry
Load a different language
into the same old gun
What pushes us upward toward the divine
is always at the mercy of the colony
6” Tropical Plant, $24.99
I cried all night
& I don’t feel like talking about it