the orange touch
erin elizabeth wehrenberg


It is absolutely necessary that you learn
how to be by yourself so deeply
that at times it is painful—
but it’s only painful in the beginning.

Once you learn it,
it’s the greatest gift you can teach yourself
and that you can have
and you will cherish it so deeply.

You will be so in tune with yourself.
Your personal power will be through the roof.
You’ll be able to discern and detach more quickly.

And, perhaps most importantly,
you will stop choosing things or people as void fillers
since you know that you only need ones
who ADD to your energy.

And you will know because
you already know what your energy by itself feels like.

Easy/convenient/“because it’s there” energy
will become less meaningful than solitude
because you will know and feel your energy exactly
and realize you actually don’t need to absorb those sticky shapes.

This is the best thing you can ever give yourself:
how to be alone with yourself while feeling full and complete
because this births planets of clarity and wisdom
that will bring you to everything else in your life that you have yet to love.