three poems
erin elizabeth wehrenberg




Dark and Deep Gut Feelings
There is a feeling
unique and deep
that grows in your gut
every time
you dump your happiness
into the expectation of a
person, place, thing, or situation.
Pull it back.
Close it up.
Other people’s actions and existence
aren’t allowed to fuck with you anymore.
Don’t let them.
Stay in your personal power enough
to know that what people throw at you
doesn’t prove anything about you.
Stop torturing yourself by reading into
other people’s shit
and making it about you.
It’s always about them.
It’s always an extension of them.
Massage that feeling.
Out of your gut
and out of your soul.
The attachment to.
The grasping for.
Someone who could never give you
what you are trying to actually
attach to and grasp for
in yourself.

If you walk around with your mind like a gun,
everything will look like the target and a chance to shoot.
If you walk around with your mind like a flower,
everything will look like the sun and a chance for growth.

Will this matter a year from now?
It all will.
It all does,
but never in a painful way.
It’s more like a deepening.
A knowing. A growth. An adding.