Two Poems
Alex Mussawir

humiliate cops

i ask my coworker how her day was
and she says good because she got to hold a baby alligator
and i think her eyes look somehow far away while she is talking about it
like she is remembering but like not really remembering somehow
she says she wants to get this certain type of snake
but instead she is getting a different type of snake
because the the first type of snake
the one she really wants
has to eat live mice
and she doesn’t have the stomach for that she thinks
and then her security guard boyfriend shows up and says “how are we today?”
which i view as really fucking condescending for some reason
like when people say ‘how are we’ like that
and i kind of glare at him and walk back into the kitchen
and tell all of the other cooks that our coworker’s boyfriend is here and also that he is a cop
and the other cooks laugh and talk shit about cops for a second
because people who work in kitchens work really hard for not a lot of money
and then get off work and do drugs
and sometimes get arrested by somebody like our coworker’s boyfriend
who i sort of just forgot is a security guard and not actually a cop
but who i still want to humiliate for some reason

a dope place to die

keep thinking
‘this would be like a really dope place to die’
while shitting in a public restroom at the wexner center