Two Poems
Mallory Whitten


recreational drug use
i’m sitting on a couch with five people
there is an obese dog named rufus on the floor
i’m sneezing & walking to the bathroom frequently to blow my nose
seems what i need is an allergy pill
i have asked
& no one has one
but there is adderall
& xanax
& alcohol
& weed
& mdma
& morphine
& ketamine
& ecstasy
when starfish eat
their mouths extend from their bellies
in the shape of a tube
the tube sucks up food
then reverts back to its original belly shape
where it holds the food until it is digested
if i were a starfish
i’d swallow a creature
then look down
& see the creature inside of my tube stomach
& feel it wriggling around
i’d take a knife in one of my five starfish hands
cut my stomach off
then cry with the creature i started to eat