Two Poems
Precious Okoyomon




I’m feeling very tired and frustrated about the idea of fixing my life.
I am not lonely because you are here.
You can feel bad about your life with me.
We can feel bad about our lives together.
We can feel mixed emotions.
Like a tossed salad.
Together we can be a tossed salad without croutons / no tomatoes / no onions / no cheese.
Together we can be an unsatisfying salad.


I keep calling people to help me. They keep hanging up on me. They tell me I can’t help you at the moment sorry. Bye bye.

I stare into the distance and purple shapes that are light pink float around in my vision.

I’ve eaten six tiny bananas today. My mother’s toy poodle that she named after her 27 year old boyfriend pees on my leg. Everything is just a thing. Nothing is more important than anything else.