Licked Clean / Tyler Meese

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Tyler Meese - Licked Clean (Front Web).jpg
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Licked Clean / Tyler Meese

On Saturday, Sandra shows up. It’s casual. The comfort of the visit, her ringing the doorbell by my back entrance, her imitating Mary-Ann’s head bobbing is good? She says, come down to the truck, I got a surprise. It’s a small bearded dragon, skittish and scared inside of the plastic travel box. She has a Chinese take out container full of crickets, has written down her cousin’s care instructions on a piece of ripped cardboard. There’s a separate, larger glass enclosure that wears a bow. It has no lid. There are spots of green scum. Sandra tells me, I thought about putting a bow on Rat Salad but freaked picking him up. She laughs and says Rat Salad again.

Published 28 November 2016

Fiction • MHP(PS) 006
Saddle-stitched • 5.5 x 8
20 pages • ♾♽

Limited signed edition of 100
Distribution • MHP

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Tyler Meese was born and will die in the Midwest but for now he lives and writes in The Pacific Northwest.