MHPQ Fall 2017 / Holy Bodies

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MHPQ Fall 2017 / Holy Bodies


Monster House Press Quarterly 004
Holy Bodies • Fall 2017
Newsprint • Periodical • Poster

Writing by Jonathan Aprea, Ilana Fogelson, Ross Gay, Francesca Hanson, Sidney Cherie Hilley, V, R.A. Villanueva, & Richard Wehrenberg

Art by A. Bowden

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Outer Mountain + Dyson Erases Himself In A Sphere Of Fog — Jonathan Aprea
("Outer Mountain" was originally published in the Doestoyevsky Wannabe Cassette Series)

Rim Job — Ross Gay

Creative Language to Affirm Gender During Love Making — Francesca Hanson

Sugar In The Raw — Sidney Cherie Hilley

Things Men Have Said To Me After I Was Assaulted And Raped — V

Cusp + Mass— R.A. Villanueva
(Cusp was originally published in Five Points. Mass was originally published in American Poetry Review.)

Angels + Prayer On The Corniche — Richard Wehrenberg


Excerpt from Brittle  — Ilana Fogelson

Until It Isn't — V


Holy Bodies — A. Bowden