Omen Amen / Morgan Eldridge

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Omen Amen / Morgan Eldridge


the reflection that reveals something of depth — a prophecy through experience.


accepting — so be it — a conclusion of gratitude.



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Published 30 June 2017

Poetry • Prose • MHP-024
Perfect bound • Paperback
168 pp • 6.5 x 8.5

Printed on 30% PCW recycled, acid-free paper ♾♽

ISBN-10 • 0-9860461-9-1
ISBN-13 • 978-0-9860461-9-3

Library of Congress Control Number • 2017945546

Distribution • MHP

Morgan Eldridge (Bloomington, IN) writes poetry, prose, and mostly without form. Using hands and physical self to create, pull apart, or blow up. A combustion of confusion - that challenges the general narrative. Written works: MHP book - Omen Amen. MHP chapbook - Pretty Pretty Prison. Zines - A Decision to Sleep Alone (&) Support Our Terrorists.