Public Figures / Bella Bravo

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Public Figures / Bella Bravo

He was worried that people learn intimacy as children like learning how to walk or swim. He was worried that too young he resigned to one motion. And it mapped him. And conjoined with him. And simplified every what-could-be intimacy into its own need. And he acted to meet it. And to meet its need was the best feeling he would ever experience—the joy that the tickle hints at, suggests, intimates. Caleb worried he was its map. He could occasionally feel a tickling reminder of what could be need but he would never feel need and would certainly never feel the meeting of that need.

Published 7 October 2016

Fiction • MHP(PS) 005
Saddle-stitched • 5.5 x 8
28 pages • ♾♽

Limited edition of 100
Distribution • MHP

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Bella Bravo is a writer living in Bloomington, Indiana. The Unpositioned Parts is their first collection of short stories.